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Operations for Deafness
Surgery can help many patients with deafness.

Most operations are performed on people with a conductive hearing loss to repair, rebuild or correct a problem with the ear canal, ear drum, middle ear or hearing bones.

For people with a sensorineural hearing loss surgery can not restore the hearing but there are implantable hearing devices which can help the hearing such as: bone anchored hearing aids(BAHA), middle ear implants, cochlear implants and brain stem implants.

Below I will discuss the main operations to help hearing:


A grommet is a tiny hollow tube which is placed into the ear drum to treat a condition called Glue Ear. Grommet insertion is one of the commonest operations performed in the UK and can be very effective in improving hearing……


This is an operation to close a hole in the ear drum. Closing the hole in an ear drum will help the hearing in about 65% of people. This is because the hole itself is not always the cause of the hearing loss…………


A stapedectomy is an operation to treat the effects of a disease called 'otosclerosis'. In this condition the stapes bone, which is the smallest of the three hearing bones, becomes stiff and does not move freely…………


There are 3 small hearing bones in the ear known as the 'ossicles'. The hearing bones join the ear drum to the inner ear. The hearing bones can be damaged in a variety of ways……………..

Bone conduction hearing implants

These are implants which rely on the phenomenon of bone conduction to transmit sound waves to the inner ear. I will discuss the following devices:

The Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA)
The Sophono
The Soundbite

Middle Ear Implants.

These devices are an alternative to a hearing aid. They are suitable for people who can or would get benefit from a hearing aid but are unable or unwilling to use one for a variety of reasons. I will discuss :

The Vibrant Soundbridge
The Otologics Carina

Cochlear Implants.

Cochlear implants are for people whose hearing is so bad that they can not use a hearing aid, in other words the hearing aid is not powerful enough to help them. A cochlear implant goes inside the cochlea and directly stimulates the hearing nerve…………..